Dr. Chin-Chu Chen

Present Position: Grape King Bio- Vice president and head of Bioengineering Center

    Associated with Grape King Bio Ltd. since 1991 and executes core techniques and know-how in the development of fermentation biotechnology. Holds administration of all manufacturing process management, specializing in lactic acid bacteria and medicinal mushroom fermentation. Key contributor in the transformation of Grape King Bio Ltd. into Taiwan’s largest fermentation biotechnology company. Pioneer in Antrodia cinnamomea flow production, Taiwan’s best brand for Ganoderma lucidum, Antrodia cinnamomea and lactic acid bacteria. Research expertise in: Food engineering; Safety assessment of food ingredient; Fermentation biotechnology; Flow production of lactic acid bacteria and medicinal mushrooms.

Academic Background:
        National Tsing hua Univeristy PhD- Life Science (2001.9-2007.1)
        National Taiwan University MSc- Food Science (1984.9-1986.7)

Career Highlights:

  • Professional Professor , National Hsinchu University of Education
  • Associate Professor, Shih-Chien University
  • Technological and Vocational College Accreditation Council Member, Ministry of Education
  • Institutional Review Board Member for Technology projects, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Institutional Review Board Member, National Science Council

Honor and Awards:

  • 2010 Ten Outstanding Project Manager
  • 2010 Food Technology Research Achievement Award
  • Agricultural Chemical Society of Taiwan- Technology Achievement Award
  • SCIENCEWATCH 2010 Emerging Research Fronts
  • MOEA Industry Technology Development Award- Research Management Innovation Award